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 The professionals at Tax Recourse, LLC have been representing the property tax interests of commercial property owners for over twenty-five years. Tax Recourse, LLC is comprised of individuals who are active in the pursuit of property tax relief at local and national levels. We believe in and embrace innovative and aggressive ideas in the pursuit of new property tax savings for our Clients each year. It is our philosophy that just as the commercial market trends are ever changing; the approach to the valuation of your commercial property for the purposes of property taxation, should be changing as well. If you are ready for an innovative approach to your property tax matters, call us today! 



Real Property Protests

An unexpected or unjustified increase on real estate property taxes can be detrimental to many businesses and property owners. It does not have to burden you. We handle all types of properties; retail, office, multi-family, hotel & hospitality, restaurants, auto dealerships, medical facilities, industrial and many others. Give us a call for a no obligation consultation!


Business Property Protests

Personal property tax filing requirements can be an overlooked tax savings opportunity for many companies.  

We have the ability to file your returns in all states that require rendering personal property, and we can represent your property throughout the entire process by:

  • Classifying assets 
  • Ghost asset scrubs and appraisals 
  • Preparing & filing returns to jurisdictions 
  • Informally negotiating values with assessors 
  • Formal appeals 
  • Audit hearings
  • Auditing your tax bills



Tax Recourse, LLC. has licensed appraisers on staff to assist you with all of your appraisal needs. We understand that every property is different from the next and that many times when dealing with your property taxes an appraisal may be beneficial or even necessary. 


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