Personal Property Tax Services


Often times, personal property tax filing requirements can be confusing and time consuming. What and how to value your assets can vary from state to state and sometimes even vary within a state. There are many forms, tables, deadlines and rules to follow.

We have the ability to file your returns in all states that require rendering personal property, and we can represent your property throughout the entire process by:

  • Classifying assets 
  • Ghost asset scrubs and appraisals 
  • Preparing & filing returns to jurisdictions 
  • Informally negotiating values with assessors 
  • Formal appeals 
  • Audit hearings
  • Auditing your tax bills 

We have over 100 combined years experience in all types and sizes of personal property issues and industries. 

Once we obtain your trust and are selected as your property tax solutions provider we will conduct an initial meeting on our upcoming goals and tasks. Tax Recourse, LLC. has found clearly defining client expectations and applicable measurement criteria are critical steps toward achieving an end result both parties will recognize as success. We believe communication is key. Tax Recourse, LLC. will work closely with your Company in setting a plan with our firm, establishing contacts within the organization, assigning roles, consulting on any arising questions, responsibilities and timelines, and maintaining a regular schedule of face-to-face, teleconference and electronic communications.  

Tax Recourse, LLC. works together to provide a level of service tailored to your needs, starting with a communication calendar developed with you, and clearly defining your two points of contact and their respective roles. We have found not all of our clients have the same needs, and some require more or less communication and consulting; as well as different levels of information regarding the status of their portfolio, and the outcome of our efforts. Our firm has a unique dual point service plan provides you with two direct points of contact who are active participants in the day to day management and consulting of your account’s representation. This enables us to ensure you are not tossed from contact to contact when you have questions or need a report in the eleventh hour. 

As a national firm based in Texas, we offer consulting advice in every state.

Often times, we are asked what sets us apart from our competitors. Our answer has always been our relationships; with our clients, the counties we work with, our employees, and anyone else we meet. In a business that is tough to measure how aggressive your consultant truly is, one thing our clients know for certain is that our CEO, Michael Slevens has been in the industry for over 26 years and is not just a name attached to our brand but he is active and present in our day to day operations. He is never too busy to meet with a client or prospect, personally attend a hearing,  or ensure that we are putting our best foot forward with every last property we are given to represent. We are very aggressive in fighting to save you property tax dollars and we are thorough in our review of your personal property accounts. 


Some Types of Personal Property We Represent Include:

  • trucking and logistics
  • pipeline
  • grocery and beverage
  • restaurant kitchen equipment
  • auto inventory
  • aircraft
  • machinery
  • vehicles
  • retail merchandise


National Representation

With Clients in Every State and Local Relationships Where It Matters